Uttarakhand floods: Team in Gaurikund aims to rescue affected animals Priyali Sur | CNN-IBN June 24, 2013 08:56 am

Gaurikund: Those in distress in the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand include animals too. Anyone who has been on the Kedarnath pilgrimage route would be familiar with the horses and mules used to ferry travellers.

Now a team from 'People for Animals' is in Gaurikund to help these animals. CNN-IBN's Priyali Sur met the team and spoke to them about how they plan to rescue the animals in the flood-hit state.

"We are pitching first at Sonprayag. We are told there are some Army vets over there. We'll try and extend the scope of the team and venture into Gaurikund and Rambada areas," said a member of the team, Gauri Maulekhi.

"My estimate is there are at least 500 mules we can rescue. Most must be injured. Dead bodies are beyond help so we are not looking there, there must be 10s of 1000s, but we're not counting them," she said.

Gauri also added the government wasn't doing enough to save these animals, who were crucial for the state. "All construction materials, pilgrims and everything comes on horses and mules. They are crucial for this place. But the government has not shown much respect for them. So far not a single vet has been sent by the animal husbandry department. We're still trying to convince the officials that what we're doing is worthwhile and that these animals need to be saved. Not just for the animals, but people whose livelihood is dependent on them," Gauri said.